of all kinds

The Lachute auction could easily be the longest running horse auction in all of Quebec or Eastern Canada.

       The auction runs every Tuesday in the summer starting at 2:00 pm with tack and finishing with the horses. In the slower winter months the auction runs every second week.

        In the summer, outside, before the auction there is "tack of all kinds" from Kenny and Albert to choose from.Bridles to buggies, halters to hay nets. Saddles galore, new and used to fit your price needs. If you can not find it outside come on in at 3 to see the tack auction.

Horses  from weeks of 15 to weeks of 30. Horses from Quebec as well as Ontario. Saddle horses, buggy horses, driving horses, ponies for that summer fun, donkeys, and every now and then that "noisey jack-ass". Pens inside and out. Pens for the ponies and pens for the larger horses. Cowboys on standby to ride every horse if needed

     Came in a car and want a horse? No problem we have transport after the sale to take your horse just about anywhere.

Semaine Verte


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Children on the Pony Rides

Animal Flea Market

Horses ready for sale

Our Fast Talking Gerald

Horses of all types can be found at the Lachute Farmers Market





You'll also find all the equipment needed for riding horses at the Lachute Farmers Market

The horse auction at  the Lachute Farmers Market is a great place to get deals